Happy Birthday!

This is a feel-good, all-levels flow curated to celebrate YOU on your special day 🎉
No props needed.

In addition to this special Birthday class, we would like to gift you a 1-Day Pass that you can use any time to gain access to our complete library of HD-quality content. Use the promo code HBD1DAYPASS at checkout 🌟

Practice with or without music. You can follow along on Spotify HERE. Listen for Joey to tell you when to press play.

Best settings:

  • We recommend using a paid Spotify account, as a free account will automatically put the playlist on shuffle.
  • In your Spotify settings, do not use crossfade (Click the arrow in the top-right corner in Spotify and select Settings. Scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings. Under Playback, make sure the Crossfade switch is off.)
  • The volume in Spotify is independent of your computer volume. Adjust your computer volume to your desired level to hear the instructor, and adjust your Spotify volume to your desired music “loudness.”